What Do You Do For Fun?

Wow, we got tons of great ideas for summertime MeBANDS in the last post. Thank you to all of our fans — you guys rock! We always love hearing from you, so please feel free to leave a comment for us anytime. 🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to the 5 winners who were randomly chosen from the commenters: teapot_brown, Alex, Tiffany, Jenstar, and Karla!
(You guys should have received an e-mail from us [marketing@imptoy.com]. Please see the e-mail for instructions on how to claim your prize.)

With the nice weather outside, there are so many activities and things to do for fun. I know I love to just spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful California sun on days like these. It’s also the perfect weather for playing with bubbles. I love to just grab a bottle of Super Miracle Bubbles and step outside with some friends and have some fun!
What about you? What is the weather like where you are, and what do you enjoy doing on days like these? Leave a comment on this post and let us know!

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Here’s this week’s contest…
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Then, leave us a comment responding to the questions above.
5 commenters will be chosen at random (using random.org) and each winner will receive 2 random MeBANDS!


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11 Responses to What Do You Do For Fun?

  1. Grace says:

    i broke my toe owwwie

  2. Shannon says:

    It is still rainy. We stay inside until it stops. When we go outside my little brother blows bubbles.

  3. teapot_brown says:

    I love to play with bubbles! I also buried a time-capsule last year. It was so fun!

  4. Oh my gosh I love bubbles!

  5. Caelan B says:

    Ooo i love bubbles, whenever I get ahold of a bottle, I am sure crazy!! I even make my own bubble mix… Weird Right? But during these days of nice weather I play football with my sister Gabby. (The sad part is theres no sport for girls football). 😦 But it’s suppper duper fun! I also scooter aroujnd the neighborhood and play with my friends that are outside!

  6. Sydney says:


  7. Krystal says:

    Well it been windy over here but when the weather is nice i go runnin or play outside with my little brother and sisters!! :))

  8. tartar says:

    my weather is bi-polar! it can be nice and sunny and 70 degrees one day, then they next day its snowing! all i do until summer is track and soccer, but im basically in the gross weather all the time!

  9. Tiffany says:

    It’s still rainy here so there’s not much to do 😦

  10. Grace P. says:

    At my house, its like 70 degrees one day and then it snows the next day.

  11. Grace P. says:

    Just like tarter

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