Fun in the Sun

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This week’s contest…
What do you think would be a cool/fun idea for a MeBAND design for the summertime? Something with a sun on it? Some sunglasses? Let us know! Leave a comment on this post and 5 commenters chosen at random will each win 2 randomly selected MeBANDS! Last day to enter is Monday, April 11, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST!

A little something extra..
Here’s something cool to check out: Super Miracle Bubbles!!!


About mebands

Stylish Bracelets. Express yourself without having to say a word. Let it be known.. YOU HAVE STYLE. We dare you.
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13 Responses to Fun in the Sun

  1. Summertime MeBANDS are an excellent idea! Especially something like “SCHOOLS OUT”
    Also, those huge retro sunglasses across a band would be cool.
    And bracelets with a big happy sun on it 😀

  2. Shannon H. says:

    I think that you should make a tye-dye meBand with a flipflop on it

  3. Caelan says:

    I think a meband with a picture of a rising sun over an ocean would be great. The sun would have black sunglasses and a smile. On the other side of the band would say Summer Sun. Oh and the colors- text- white, band- tropical orange, sun- yellow, sunglasses and smile- black, and ocean- blue 😀

  4. Grace says:

    I cant really think of anything……..a meband thats red and orange and it says on one “sun burned” and on the other side “oh great” ?????
    I REALLY would appreciate it if you guys made a meband that says gymnastics or gymnast! because i am a professional gymnast, and that would be awsome. and if you did, i would try not to win every time! hehehe

  5. Krystal says:

    why not a meband that has a peace sign zebra print style and ones with tye dye with sunglasses and maybe one thats say summer time.

  6. Sydney says:

    Flipflops, beach balls, umbrellas, ice cream, sand castles, and lemonde 😀

  7. Karla says:

    Maybe a sparkly blue Meband that says “Splash” with waves or a yellow Meband that says “Sun Kisses” with a red lipstick mark. =)

  8. Jenstar says:

    I think there’s should be a ice cream picture on the meband and that say “cool off!:)”

  9. Tiffany says:

    Totally one that says Summer 2011 but it’s like S ❤ U 2 M 0 M 1 E 1 R but there would be a heart and the letters would be bigger than the numbers 🙂

  10. Alex says:

    I think a summer MeBand that says “summer time love (heart symbol”
    or “Life’s a Beach” (I really like this one) with a picture of sunglasses.
    okay… one more I feel creative… how about “tanorexic”.Hope I win

  11. Tuvara says:

    here are my ideas….

    “I love (heart sign) Sun Days!”

    “Summer Time”

    “too hot to be cool” or ” 2 hot 2 B Cool”

    “I wear my sunglasses at night”

  12. Alex says:

    Here are my ideas

    “Life’s a Beach” – picture of sandle or sunglasses
    “Summer Time Love”

  13. teapot_brown says:

    A red one with flip flops on it, a blue one with a surf board that says “surf’s up!”, then like a tye-dyed one that says “summer.”

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